March 25, 2024

How Businesses Adopted to Virtual Offices in the Philippines to Foster Bigger Profit?

The flexibility and cost-effectiveness that virtual offices in the Philippines offer are incredibly beneficial for businesses. Many virtual offices in BGC offer all-inclusive packages to entice businesses in the Philippines to choose to invest in virtual offices rather than traditional spaces. In this article let us explore how businesses adopt virtual offices in the Philippines..

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March 18, 2024

Face-to-Face Advantage: Nonverbal Cues and Team Cohesion in a Remote World

The society has seen a significant leap in remote work, eliminating the need to gather in offices. While it has become evident that substantial information exchange can occur online, it is also beginning to be understood that other forms of communication may be somewhat lacking. In a company operation that has lost the dynamism of..

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March 11, 2024

Trends Shaping the Coworking Spaces in BGC

If you are tired of your current work from home setup, why not explore coworking spaces in BGC. The providers of best serviced offices in the Philippines level up the working environment by providing ergonomic work areas, faster Internet connectivity, well-lit rooms, and highly-advanced office support solutions. The working environment has evolved to provide a..

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March 4, 2024

Why does the Philippines have the Best Working Space for Businesses and Professionals?

The Philippines is among the hubs that provide best serviced offices for workers. International businesses choose to expand in the Philippines for the work quality of the labor force and modern work environments. With the effects of COVID-19, many Filipinos prefer to work remotely. Hence, many providers of serviced offices in the Philippines step-up their..

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