About preview and application

What services can I use at Cotoha Real Estate?
We offer rental office with service, virtual office, coworking space and meeting room.
Can you give me an office brochure?
The brochures are handed over at the time of private view, but brochure PDF files can be downloaded from the detail page of each office.
What is your contract plan?
Three contract plans are available.

◆Rental office

As well as corporate registration, you can use private rooms complete with furniture and internet.
Emphasis is placed on usability and efficiency, supports up to 4 people, and can secure private.
This is the best plan for companies that want to have a solid office in a prime location in BGC.

◆Coworking space

A service that meets the needs of tech startups who want to work from one person. Available from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays.
This is a workspace contract plan realized by open innovation and free working style, such as freelancers, sales employees' bases, second offices, and relationships with people from different industries.

◆Virtual Office

Address use & corporate registration is possible, and workspaces such as meeting rooms can be used as needed.
In addition, by adding services such as telephone and mail reception, you can have the same function as renting an office for a small fee each month, and it is the best plan for SOHOs and startups.
Can you issue a quote?
We will ask for your request and make a quote, so please contact us by phone or email.
How do I apply?
After the private view (except for Virtual Office customers), the application documents will be handed over, so please complete the procedure.
Are there any industry restrictions?
Of the major businesses in the moneylending, entertainment, sex-related and other industries, we have refused any case where the Company deems inappropriate.
If you are preparing to set up a company, how will the application be like?
After contracting as an individual, you can register as a corporate address using the office address from the usage start date. After registration is complete, it can be changed to a corporate contract. (Name change fee PHP 3,000)

About contract

How much does it cost at the time of contract?
Rates may vary depending on contract type and room type, so please inquire by phone or email.
Is multilingual support possible?
Only Japanese and English are available.
How many days can I use from the application?

◆Customer with rental office contract

It can be used at least 7 business days after the screening start date.

◆ Customer of virtual office contract

It can be used at least 7 business days after the screening start date.

◆Customer of coworking space

It can be used at least 7 business days after the screening start date.
What documents do I need at the time of contract?

◆In the case of personal contract

passport ID (copy of passport)

◆In the case of a corporate contract

SEC registration (certificate of establishment of company) / BIR Form 2303 / TIN (registration information with tax authority) / Signature ID (copy of passport)
When can I use my address?
All plans are available from the contract start date.
Preparation of registration application documents and business cards may be made before the contract date, but the registration application date must be after the contract start date.
Please note that use of the address before the contract start date violates the terms of use.
Can I use it for a short period?
Available from a minimum of 3 months (more than 3 months). Please prepare for opening a branch and use it for a project room.
I would like to register, but how is the contract?
The contract before establishment of the corporation is an individual contract, but after the corporation registration is completed, the name of the contract can be changed to the incorporated corporation.
Can I change the name of the contract during the contract?
It can be changed only if the contractor of the personal contract and the representative of the established corporation are the same.
It is not possible to change the name between different personalities, regardless of corporation or individual.
Can I change my contract plan?
Is possible. At the time of plan change, proceed simultaneously with the cancellation of the in-plan and the new contract of the plan you want to change.
What is the maturity of the contract (contract term)?
There is no fixed period, and monthly payment will result in a monthly contract with an extended usage period of one month.
Please note that if you do not pay the usage fee, the contract will be terminated automatically after the payment period.
How to cancel
You can cancel the contract as soon as the end of the next day, with a notice of one month before (please submit a written notice of cancellation). All plans are monthly contracts, so there is no refund on a pro-rate basis.
What is the cost of cancellation?
In principle, there is no charge at the time of cancellation, but it is necessary to bear the restoration cost of the office upon withdrawal.
In addition, it is necessary to bear the repair cost about loss or damage point of key or card regardless of existence of security deposit.

About payment method of rate

How do I pay each month?
On the last day of each month, "The charges for the next two months (for the virtual office for the next month) and charges in the past month " will be added and will be included by bank transfer of user from contractor account.(Some offices only support credit cards).
Can I use a credit card?
A fee will be charged when paying by credit card.
Can I get a discount if I pay the entire package in a year?
Discounts are not eligible.
Can I make a contract for a corporation with a head office abroad or a foreign nationality as an individual?
It is usable to those who are capable of paying such a fee that are applicable to the content of the contract, and if it passes our review.

About use, corporation registration, various applications

Can I register as a resident?
Since residence and accommodation are prohibited, you cannot register as a resident.
If you are preparing to set up a company, how will the application be like?
After contracting as an individual, you can register as a corporate address using the office address from the usage start date.
After registration is complete, it can be changed to a corporate contract. (Name change fee PHP 3,000)
How many registrations can I do?
Customers with rental office and virtual office contracts can register their company (only one company) and use the address of the office they use their home page and on business card. If additional registration is required, a separate Virtual Office contract is required.
In addition, use of address of coworking space member becomes option (PHP 5000/monthly)
Can I use it as a store?
Usage only for office, we cannot use it as a store.
Can I use it as a counseling room?
Usage only for office, you cannot use it as a counselling room.
Are there any restrictions on usage time?

◆Rental office members

Available 24/7. (May be restricted due to closed days or building management).

◆Coworking space members

Contracted offices are available from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays. (May be restricted due to closed days or building management).

◆Virtual office members

The use of the meeting room is from 10 am to 18 pm on weekdays. (May be restricted due to closed days or building management).

About office space

About office space

◆Rental office members

Private room, shared area on the floor (some space for meeting room etc. charged)

◆Coworking space members

Business lounge with free address, shared area on the floor (some areas such as meeting rooms are charged)

◆Virtual office members

There is no dedicated space for address use only. Meeting rooms can be used for a fee. (10 to 18 o'clock on weekdays)
How big is your office?
The size of the private room 3.24 square meter for 1 person.
Minimize your workspace and share your meeting room and facilities to keep your monthly costs down.
Is the office completely private?
It will be a completely private room with consideration for the soundproofing of the next room. It can be used by up to 4 people.
How many people can I use it?
The rental office has a fixed capacity and is limited to those registered.
How to reserve a meeting room and availability?
The average occupancy rate is about 35%. The reservation can be accepted via the WEB system from 2 months before the use date (up to 6 hours a day / up to 3 hours a day for virtual office members).
Is there a parking lot or a bicycle parking lot?
For office buildings, a separate contract with a building management company is required.
Do you have smoking space?
Non-smoking is required in public places, so please handle at designated smoking area.
Is there a waiting area or free meeting space?
There is no waiting space available. Please use the meeting room (partial charge depending on the contract plan) for meetings.

About office equipment

Can you display company name?
It is possible. PHP 5,000 is charged as installation cost.
What about security?
Since we have introduced an automatic lock and fingerprint authentication system at the floor entrance and the entrance of the office section, we maintain security more than a general office.
What is the internet connection?
We offer internet access free of charge. Multiple PC connections are also possible using HUB or our designated router.
Do you have office furniture?
We have free desks and chairs for all our offices.
Can I bring in furniture, home appliances and multifunction devices?
It is fine to bring in the furniture (consultation required for heavy items), but you will be responsible for the cost of carrying in the furniture or removing the provided furniture. Multifunction machines are available as common facilities.
What about air conditioning?
The concept of operation is centralized. (Operation at 8:30 to 18:30 in regular days at constant temperature)
How about bringing in a telephone line?
You are requested to refrain from bringing in a telephone line.
What is your new phone line contract?
If you have a rental office contract, you can use the dedicated telephone line (02) (Monthly PHP 1,000-).
Can I use toll free dial?
You cannot use it.
What is a fax line?
A convenient line service that requires no fax machine and can be sent and received directly from a PC.
Do you have a video conferencing or teleconferencing system?
There is no provision of a conference system.
Do you have lockers or a trunk room?
Lockers can be used as an option only for coworking space customers. There is no provision of the trunk room.

About mail and courier

How about receiving mail

◆Customer of rental office contract

We will manage in the Admin office.

◆Other customers contract

Mail service can be received by the optional service. (Email forwarding: Monthly PHP 2,000 + Actual cost and Managed fee monthly payment PHP 1,000) If you do not use the optional service, all mail delivered will be returned.
Can I receive a courier service?
Yes, you can receive it. If you are not present, our administrative office will store your luggage.
Can you contact me for delivery of mail or couriers?
There is no notification service, but if you make an inquiry, we will respond with or without storage.

Other questions

Can I eat and drink in the office?
You can eat and drink freely in the private office of the rental office.
However, it is not possible to eat in the meeting room.
Can I call a guest within the security of a private room or office area?
Guests are not permitted to enter the rooms, as the room is limited to the contractor.
Can I use an image taken from the office?
We do not accept diversions or video recordings of images taken by us. If you wish to use the image, please notify us in advance. (The permission of use is limited to company explanatory materials such as HP, and the image to be used is subject to the fact that no employee or user of our company is reflected and the unique name is not photographed in the building exterior and common part. )

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