March 18, 2024

Face-to-Face Advantage: Nonverbal Cues and Team Cohesion in a Remote World

The society has seen a significant leap in remote work, eliminating the need to gather in offices. While it has become evident that substantial information exchange can occur online, it is also beginning to be understood that other forms of communication may be somewhat lacking. In a company operation that has lost the dynamism of being present, solely relying on online communication for mere information exchange is unlikely to become mainstream. Indeed, many things may still be born from people meeting face-to-face.

The Necessity of Team Building
Importance of Nonverbal Communication: In team building, it is crucial to establish mutual understanding and trust among members. In face-to-face communication, information is conveyed, including nonverbal elements. For instance, facial expressions, gestures, and vocal tones are helpful in understanding the emotions and intentions of others.

Promotion of Team Cohesion: Face-to-face communication and activities help enhance the sense of cohesion among team members. Collaborating in the same space or sharing ideas together allows team members to better understand each other, making cooperation easier.

Building Trust: Directly meeting and conversing helps facilitate the establishment of trust among team members. Face-to-face communication fosters more authentic relationships, leading to smoother collaboration and decision-making within the team.

Encouragement of Problem Solving and Creativity: Face-to-face teamwork enhances problem-solving skills and creativity. Direct dialogue enables real-time exchange of ideas and feedback, making it easier to generate creative solutions.

On the other hand, the question of whether having an office is necessary is becoming a theme of discussion. Rental offices can be helpful in such situations. Gathering temporarily, communicating temporarily, and conducting team building activities temporarily, then dispersing and regrouping again, this kind of movement may be crucial now.