March 28, 2023

Why Serviced Offices in the Philippines Save You Money

Serviced offices will help you save a ton of money if you’re determined to start a business in the Philippines. A business’s basic requirements have been considered when setting up serviced offices. You can take advantage of premium amenities typically too pricey for most new enterprises by renting serviced offices in the Philippines.

Check out how your business can save head costs by renting serviced offices in the Philippines. In today’s era, where new businesses emerge rapidly, there are a lot of serviced offices in the Philippines situated in different business centers.

What are serviced offices?

A facilities management company that rents offices to other companies maintains serviced offices. They are sometimes referred to as executive suites, managed offices, executive centers, and business centers.

Moreover, serviced offices are easily accessible and fully functional. Expandable rooms can accommodate one or more persons in a room at once.

Why Do Getting Serviced Offices in BGC Save Your Costs?

No equipment and maintenance costs

Your company doesn’t need to set aside money for items like desktop computers, network printers, photocopiers, fax machines, etc. The facilities management businesses, like Cotoha, have put them all in place and regularly maintain and service them.

Companies providing serviced offices in BGC are mostly fully equipped with security features, soundproof material, business-grade internet connectivity, and modern-industrialized designs.

Why build your own offices and workspaces when you can rent the serviced offices in BGC without any costs in mind?

Fully-furnished and well-designed interiors

Your Philippine-based company will save significant money by renting serviced offices because you won’t have to worry about purchasing and shipping furnishings like executive desks, ergonomic chairs, heavy safes, and filing cabinets. These are all accessible and well-arranged for your usage. 

Not to mention, there are shared restrooms and a kitchen, and essential office amenities like a conference room, phone, and broadband Internet connectivity. If you are wondering what makes each serviced office different from the other, it’s the promo packages, unparalleled customer services, building communities, overflowing beverages, and flexible contracts. All of these are offered in Cotoha, the reliable company providing serviced offices in BGC.

Flexible contract period

As a business owner, having a flexible contract period for your office space is beneficial. Depending on your business activities, you can make things easier for your operation and more efficient for your budget.

Serviced offices in BGC offer flexible contracts. In Cotoha, the maturity of a contract is every 30 days. Yes, you are right. A month of a contract will give you the ease of mind.

Serviced offices, as opposed to standard offices for rent, have extremely flexible terms that are fair to both parties and start after just one month of the contract. You only need to pay one monthly payment, including your basic rent, utilities, Internet, reception services, building security, and facility maintenance, so that hundreds of bills won’t overrun you.

Pay-as-you-use services

Another reason getting serviced offices will save your business is the pay-as-you-use services that most enterprises need.

If you ever need administrative or secretarial assistance, you can “pay as you use” for those services. If you asked for staff assistance, you only need to pay them for their time assisting you rather than a set monthly payment. You don’t have to spend much, or anything at all, for services or facilities that you don’t even use much, such as mail and fax services, printouts and photocopies, conference rooms, and international phone calls. In reality, several services are offered complimentary by serviced offices. These additional perks and benefits might help your organization save even more money.

Serviced Offices in BGC is Cost-Efficient

No matter what type of offices you will be getting serviced, offices in BGC can offer a suitable work environment that every business needs. Aside from the convenience, its cost-efficiency is invaluable for business owners.

Interestingly, when you are planning to expand a business in the Philippines, Cotoha offers business consultancy aside from providing serviced offices in BGC. It is an ideal end-to-end business expansion solution that investors are direly looking for.