April 14, 2023

Factors to Determine the Right Serviced Office for Business

Looking to find the most suitable office setting for your company’s growth? There will be a lot to think about before choosing the right serviced office for business. Start your search for the best by being completely clear on how much space you need right now and in the future, as well as the amenities, neighborhood, and price. 

By keeping these things in mind, you may discover the ideal workspace in BGC, Taguig, for your company that is inspiring, reasonable, and appropriate for your business.

Finding the ideal serviced office for business can be a complex undertaking. Finding the ideal work environment for your team to thrive is one of the important next steps as your firm grows. But, finding a new workplace can be time- and money-consuming, and it can be simple to use up too many resources in the process. Take into account the following factors when you look for the right serviced office for business in the Philippines that meets your needs and price range:


One of the most crucial aspects of your next work environment may be the location of your workplace. You can draw clients with greater purchasing power if you want to locate your business in the center of Manila, like a workspace in BGC, Taguig. Also, this will give you excellent exposure to potential customers.

Respectively, Bonifacio Global City is a prime business location for high-end companies. Getting this location is the best consideration for a serviced office for business. If you are a local or international business looking for the best workspace in BGC, Cotoha offers the most modernized yet affordable provider of serviced offices for business. From co-working spaces to virtual offices, private offices, and conference rooms, we guarantee that every workspace is well-designed and equipped to suit your productivity needs.


Aside from location, another factor in determining the right serviced office for business is the amenities offered. Industry analysts claim that businesses looking for new offices are becoming increasingly concerned with the nearby amenities. They have found out that the option to “grab a coffee or go to the gym at lunch” within a five-minute walk of their workplace is something that employees cherish.

But in Cotoha, you do not have to leave the building just to grab a coffee, as we offer limited coffee on top of the other office-related support services that every business needs. Our serviced offices for business are covered with 24/7 security, business-grade internet connectivity, a well-furnished environment, 100% clean and sanitized, access to meeting rooms, and modernized office furniture.

Not only that, Cotoha offers business consultation, especially for international businesses that plan to expand in the Philippines, and real estate queries as this industry is thriving in the country.

Moreover, the workspace in BGC is ideal because of the number of restaurants employees can dine in, 24/7 security all over the city, efficient transportation, and green spaces. 

Lease term and length

Studies showed that one-factor business owners consider when looking for a serviced office for business is the lease term and length. Depending on the type of workspace you pick, you can rent an office in a business center for as little as a day or as long as a month. Options include co-working space, hot desks, shared offices, and private and virtual offices. Rentals of office space are typically much more flexible in executive centers.

The flexibility of the contracts is one of the factors that businesses consider as there are instances that the whole team might need to go for a business trip, client visits, and a lot more, and those work areas may only be occupied for some time.

At Cotoha, whether a local or international business, your chosen serviced office for a business package has flexibility depending on your need. Avail your FREE seat on your first visit to its serviced offices for business.

Capacity and office size

When looking for a serviced office for business, capacity, and office size are essential factors when determining an ideal workspace in BGC, Taguig. Keep in mind that office size should be considered when eyeing business growth. Depending on your business operations, choose a serviced office that fits your collaboration and productivity needs.

Rental Rates

Aside from the factors we discussed, the rental rate is important. Look for a serviced office for a business within your budget. It is important to take into account the office space rent and the amenities offered at that cost. 

Before signing an agreement, you must visit your office space. The bare necessities must be adequately established for your team to be more productive. Mention any unforeseen expenses, such as parking fees or maintenance, and be aware of the sum due at the end of the month.

Getting the Right Serviced Office for Business

Choosing the right serviced office for business depends on your operation, collaboration, and productivity needs. Workspaces in BGC, Taguig, are one of the most preferred work locations that employees desire. Given its prime district location, green spaces, various food, health and wellness, malls establishments, and high-end office designs, people eye to thrive in this type of environment.

One of Metro Manila’s top office buildings, Cotoha, is situated in the center of BGC’s business district. Its modern corporate offices are ideal for both local businesses seeking to grow and international businesses seeking to establish a presence in the Philippines. Contact us, and we’ll schedule a tour of our modern serviced offices.